Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Snowed Under?

The Meteo was right, the snow arrived at around 2.30 am this morning.
We woke up to a winter wonderland.   Lucky we were prepared!

Wood for the wood burner is an essential - read my post here about  "making" wood in France


Having experienced a couple of very cold Burgundian winters I knew we needed to be ready. At the end of October I started making draught excluders for every door.  Long tubes of fabric stuffed with cut up t-shirts and old socks.

In the summer I don't bother with curtains on every window....but for the winter I hang thicker, heavier curtains on the doors and windows .  And this year I have added two layers of curtains on our bedroom and living room windows - it seems to be making a big difference.

We have red tiled floors downstairs and bare wood upstairs so for the winter I cover up the floors with rugs and carpets.

Then the winter preparation turns to winter clothing. When it is very cold I wear thermals, you can buy pretty ones and as they are thin you can wear them underneath your ordinary clothes. Layering clothing definitely keeps you warm.

Wear a hat - it keeps you warm so don't worry what you look like!

Prepare hot soups and stews.  Good comfort food to keep you warm inside as well as out.

The snow is set to last for the rest of the week and temperatures of -7 degrees are predicted.

How do you cope with the winter?

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