Thursday, 10 January 2013

Back to School

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First day back to French conversation classes after the Christmas holidays - and boy it was tough - after three weeks spent speaking mostly English to family and friends I had a real struggle.

The conversation classes have given me confidence to speak more French, mistakes and all ...but that's another story!  The classes are informal,  we encourage each other and we have a good laugh too.  Today's topics of conversation ranged from French New Year traditions, homosexual marriage in France, Gerald Depardieu, French education and even plastic surgery.  

Although I live in France I don't always get the chance to speak French everyday. Books and CD's help but nothing beats learning a word or phrase and then recognising it when you are out and about. For me, this really helps the language to sink in.  

Be brave and ask at the Tourist Information office or mairie's office for information about conversation classes. 

I have a French friend I go walking with and another I visit exhibitions with, both friends only speak French. So, I am not tempted to lapse into English!  If you are not living in France try and find someone to speak French with...there might be a French person who would love to practise their English in exchange for helping you speak French.

Go online and check out BBC Foreign Language courses, they are free and include repetition which will help your pronounciation.

Whether you are in France or not  think before you go shopping or go into a cafe and imagine how you would ask for what you want in French.  How about writing your shopping list in French?

Read France 24 online for news and find French newspapers online. 

Watch French films with English subtitles

Listen to French radio - even music stations will help

Listen to French language CD's while you are walking, cooking or doing housework

Follow blogs with a French theme - I find these very useful

French Word A Day -  don't worry it isn't really every day! The life and times of American Kirstin who is married to a Frenchman.  This blog gently eases you into a little French, through tales of the family's daily life.

French Language Guide - packed full of grammar, quizes and bite sized info.

Try and immerse yourself in French
for at least 30 minutes every voila!.



  1. Salut Delia!! I'm visiting from the UBC, and it's uncanny because my post today was from my French website!! You give really wonderful recommendations for learning the language--nothing beats really focusing on immersing yourself and speaking with native speakers! It's the best way to get fluent! You have a beautiful site, and a topic near and dear to my heart (I live in the south of France!) so I'll stop by again soon! And feel free to check out my site, too!! We have guest posts in various areas of expertise, and your comments would be so great to have! YAY! A bientot!

    1. Vous etes tres gentille!! Thank you for your kind words and invitation to guest post. I will drop by your site and say hi!

  2. great tips. lovely blog. really appreciate these and will use them. :)

    1. Thank you and do let me khow how you get on!

  3. I love French movies and there are two magic words that will get me to watch any movie: Gerard Depardieu. Je t'aime :)