Sunday, 6 January 2013

J'Adore... les chandeliers

Chateau Fontainbleau

The word chandelier is French in origin and is derived from the word chandelle for candle.

Chandeliers were traditionally hung in hallways to create a grand entrance and welcome guests into the home.

Originally a wooden candle which evolved into elaborate creations of faceted crystals and displayed in the grand halls or over the dining tables of French chateaux.

Let some sparkle into your home.
Keep your eyes open at markets, antique fairs and brocantes for old droppers, or anything that sparkles.  Long diamante earrings attached to candle holders and light fittings will catch the light and dance it around the room.



  1. Are chandeliers something you can't pass up when you go to markets and antique fairs? I don't have any in my home.

    Eydie :)

    1. I love chandeliers but do not have any my home....yet!!

  2. Love this piece! Short and very informative.

    My husband and I were looking around for chandeliers but then we realized our winds up here are so unpredictable they might end up crashing on our heads.

    Would love to see more of these lovely photos of chandeliers.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading the post. Whereabouts are you? Try Pinterest for more gorgeous chandelier photos.