Thursday, 17 January 2013

FREE Book Giveway - The Boon

Le Morvan via Pinterest

I am a glass full kind of a girl, generally optimistic and pretty enthusiastic about life.   Of course I get knock backs in life and suffer a temporary slump when I lack energy and feel down.  Believe me I do love a good wallow from time to time but I can usually pull myself out of it by counting my blessings and giving myself the proverbial "kick up the ar*e."
But imagine if a deeper depression took such a hold that you doubted your sanity - your whole life would change..
Fellow Ultimate Blog Challenge blogger, Eugene Uttley has written a book called The Boon about his struggles in coping with schizophrenia. 
This experimental open letter includes original and appropriated prose, poetry, song, prayer... memoir, travelogue, sketches of Uttley's present-day life, and literary exegesis. Its many sources and topics are ranging, but circle always back to the overarching theme of recovery from mental illness through better knowledge of self and becoming more whole, a complex process both mental and spiritual, which entails increasing awareness of connectedness to the greater whole, the infinite.
Click on the link below for your chance to win a copy.




  1. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog background!

  2. Oh this is so my story!!! Bogged down by deep dark depressions to pull up and now see the glass as half full!!! GOing to go check out the book now!

  3. Bonsoir Délia , je connais votre blog, j'y passe souvent mais je ne laisse jamais de commentaire car je ne parle pas très bien l'Anglais.
    Bonne soirée . Tinou

    1. Salut Tinou! Le meme pour moi aussi - le langue francais difficile aussi!! J'adore votre blog Couleur Campagne.

  4. Great post, thank you for sharing! Your blog background is beautiful!