Saturday, 12 January 2013

Don't Give Up On Your Dream to Live Abroad

French Home via Pinterest

Apparently today is the day when most people give up on their New Year's Resolutions. Is one of your resolutions to move abroad, maybe to France?
Well don't give up on the can make it happen!

Just for the moment park the idyllic, romantic notions of what living in France will be like - it is a great lifestyle but you need to be clear on your reasons for making the move.

First of all decide where you want to buy. France is bigger than most people realise and each region is very different. The landscape varies dramatically  and there can be changes of climate and culture, region to region. What is important to you? Skiing, sandy beaches, horses, vineyards? Spend time doing your research.

How will you live your new life?  Will you be running a business or looking for a job?

It helps to put your thoughts down in writing, especially if there are two or more of you in the decision making process. We had a checklist which included being within walking distance to a baker, panoramic views and a balcony! But the best laid plans.....we fell in love with a house above our budget and managed just one out of the three. It was a coup de coeur!

- Give a lot of thought to where you would like to live. Here are some questions to think about.
- A busy city or country village?
- Do you like to live in isolation or do you prefer to be part of an active community?
- Village or lively town?
- If you have children, find out if the area you are thinking of has lots of other young families. How far away is the school? Are there activities for the kids?

Access to airports, ferry ports, autoroutes?

 Then what type of property?
Apartment, farmhouse, townhouse or chateau!
- A property with land - be careful not to carried away, too big a property with lots of land to maintain. Buildings and land need expensive and often time consuming maintenance.
- a new build or old property to renovate?
- a property with income potential - a gite, campsite, cafe?
- Room for visiting family and friends
- Room for growing family

Once you have some ideas about where you would to live and what kind of property you would like....then you are ready to start the search for your dream home.  


  1. I love this post, especially as my partner and I are talking about moving, and some of these questions have come up! I don't see me moving to France, but the questions you've put here are really helpful!

    Thank you so much! :)

  2. I have never been outside of North America. It would be very exciting to live abroad in Europe, Asia or Australia. I like the practical considerations you've addressed here. For anyone taking on the adventure of moving abroad will benefit from your post.