Saturday, 10 November 2012

Faire du Bois

A monster wood pile
Well into November and we have been lucky with the weather so far in Le Morvan,'s time to start cocooning. The first winter essential is wood. Our supply arrived a couple of months ago - not nearly as big as the wood pile in the photo!

Living surrounded by forests doesn't mean that finding wood is easy. Wood needs time to dry properly before it is ready for burning and that could take 12-15 months. Wood is the main source of heating for most of us, either open fires with traditional Morvan style stone fireplaces but more usually wood burners that pump out lots of heat. 

Wood is always a topic of conversation, where to buy it and who from. Mr B went with Marc a couple of months ago on a bumpy journey on the back of a tractor to collect our wood. It is chopped and stacked in the barn ready to use. 

I love these stylish ideas of making wood an indoor feature. 

What do you think?  Lovely but not practical?


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