Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sunday Best

Sunday Best by Willam Wegman

I love perfume...and I save my "best" ones for special occasions...and tonight..I wanted a squirt of my extra extra "best" perfume.  I have been hoarding it because I have only a little drop left....well, what a disappointment... it smelt horrible because it had gone off. 
Why hadn't I enjoyed wearing it when I could?  Why had I been saving it and saving it?
It reminded me of when we were little we had ordinary biscuits for every day and best biscuits for weekends or when visitors came.  Why not have a little treat when you fancy it? Best tablecloths, best china....why???  I suppose in the old days it was to do with being careful with money and making things last.  The tradition of having a smart suit or outfit and hat that would be worn once a week to church on a Sunday  - your Sunday Best - probably dates back to the Victorians.  The Victorians even had a front parlour where they would only sit on a Sunday.  Now that is extreme!
When my Grandma died, she had drawers  and drawers full of beautiful unused linen, tablecloths and teatowels.  So pretty and yet hidden away in drawers - unappreciated.
We had best clothes that we would wear for special occasions or to visit grandparents. Having nice or extra special clothes can make you feel good and shows that you have made an effort.  
I suppose my favourite Monsoon maxi sequin skirt and my suede skirt with beading only get an airing on very special in a tiny French village means that I will probably only wear those for best now.
But...I  am going to change my philosophy...I am going to enjoy using and wearing my things and not save them for some unknown occasion in the future.. unpack those boxes of things that I "might" use one day... and enjoy is for living now.
What do you think?

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  1. My grandmother used her "good china" as regular plates / dishes. If something broke she would try to glue it back together and continued using it. She said if she bought it she was going to enjoy it!