Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Get Fired Up for 2013

Bonnes resolutions du Nouvel An, New Year's resolutions....I could make so many...this year I am going to focus on five tips to help me feel more alive and will fire me up to reach my goal of being healthier and working smarter.

Drink more herb teas, green teas, mint teas - easy to do here in France, there's a great choice of teas, fruit and herbal tissanes.  And I can pick mint fresh from my garden.

Cut down on the amount of sugar I consume.  Maybe substitue honey whenever I can.  No more sugar rush!

Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.  I have just got lazy and overdosed on party food.  We grow our own vegetables and I have a freezer full of fruit and veg. So it should be easy to do.

More exercise..take more breaks away from the computer screen...and go and grab some fresh air.  A walk round the block or a park is great thinking and planning time.  I am very lucky as I can walk out of my front door in any direction and find beautiful countryside and forests.

Live in the moment and enjoy everyday



  1. Happy New Year, I wish you well with the regime. I am going to cut back on the French bread and I hope the garden is a success this year. I will get exercise just pottering about.I have to remember to work on my painting, it's easier when the weather is bad out.

  2. Happy New Year to you Jane. Good luck with cutting down on the French bread - it is so delicious. I think croissants are my downfall! We experimented with growing veg for the first time last year and had mixed success. Schedule in the painting or if you are like me it won't happen!

  3. I worked so hard on the garden last year and it was a mixed year. I didn't get very high yields at all! It's good exercise though. I agree about having to schedule in things.
    I've gone off croissants for now, just have one out at a café, not often. George is on a big regime this year, we'll see. Miserable day here, gloomy,not freezing though a plus. Look forwards to hearing how you progress.