Tuesday, 8 January 2013

24 hours to....

image via Pinterest

Feeling kind of jet lagged today, we drove from our home in Le Morvan, Burgundy to the UK on Sunday to take our grown-up kids back after the holidays.  BB goes to university in the south west of England and GG has epilepsy and lives in an assisted living apartment in south London.

I was a bit tearful saying goodbye but I was happy to see how happy GG was to see all her friends again.  And after two weeks of being cooked for and waited on, BB wasn't too keen to go back to his student house and probably back to pasta night after night! 

We had one night in south London and went to an Indian restaurant for an amazing curry...us English love our curries!!  My uncles came too and it was great to catch up.

After a client meeting the next morning, it was back in the car to drive through the night.  Driving round the Paris ring road at 11pm was busy but once south of Paris our route takes us on French motorways that stretch for miles with hardly any traffic. Then through deserted French villages lined with Christmas trees festooned with decorations.  After a round trip of 1400 km we arrived back at 2am to our own piece of paradise in the French countryside.

What is the longest drive you have ever done in a day?  How do you pass the time on a long drive? 


  1. We often drive from North Carolina USA to Ontario Canada - a 15 hour drive through the Appalachian mountains. Our regular way to pass the time is to read and talk about what we read. I usually choose one book to read aloud.

    Great post - it fires up my imagination about driving places "across the pond"!

    1. Thank you for commenting. 15 hours? Wow! Must be stunning scenery though.

  2. When I was young, my friend and I made the round trip from L.A. to Houston, Texas in 3 days. The longest 3 days of my life, I passed the time by getting bit repeatedly by her cranky parrot all the way back to L.A.

  3. Sounds hilarious - there must be a book or screen play in that story!!!