Monday, 22 April 2013

Motivate Your Monday

Distance yourself from toxic and negative people.  Toxic people drain you, they feed off drama and plant doubt.  Surround yourself with good supportive friends and I have found out recently.
This month has been a challenge for me with lots of problems, car not working, things breaking, tempamental electricity , cooker not working, washing machine literally going up in smoke and last but not least...a light bulb exploding above my head.  I suppose typical life in an old French farmhouse...

While I was feeling sorry for myself, as it seemed it was one thing after was my friends who kept me going, offering practical support, dropping everything and coming to rescue me from the forest where I had broken down, trying to fix the cooker ....and loads of other things...just being there at the end of a phone giving good advice! 

And...all these problems are only material....and can be fixed.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The French Weather Forecast

The weather....always a favourite topic of conversation both sides of the channel.  Today it is raining cats and dogs or ....p***ing like a cow as they say in Le Morvan.  We haven't had much rain so we shouldn't complain...but we do!

The weather is still cold and rainy, even in the south of France ...there is an old saying ....en avril ne te decouvre pas d'un fil ....don't take off any clothes in April....too true I am putting layers on!

Maybe it all goes back to Christmas when the weather across France was 5 degrees higher than average for the time of year...mild weather at Christmas goes to prove ....Noel au balcon, Paques au tison...on the balcony at the fire at Easter.

Excuse me while I put another log on the fire....

Monday, 8 April 2013

Rise and Shine

 Winter Sunshine by Celine Monorchio

It's still very cold and we need a fire every day, our wood supply is getting low so we really are hoping that Spring is on it's way.  The signs are there....the baby lambs are hopping and skipping about, our walnut trees actually have buds on them, I've spotted violets in the woods and the daffodils are going to blossom soon. 

By starting so slowly, the Spring season is teasing us this year.....I can't wait....I love Spring... its a season of celebration associated with new beginnings, growth, and rejuvenation.  It's the perfect time to start new projects, new habits, make new choices....maybe even more appropriate than grey and gloomy New Year. 

"Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin.  Beginning makes the conditions perfect."
Alan Cohen.

There will never be a perfect time ...if you wait for perfection it will never happen. The key is just to get started.  Successful writers say just put something...anything down on a can edit later.  A bit like life really!!

Just celebrate what you have and make a fresh start today. 

I can't wait to get started...I begin working with an exciting new client this month, the days are lighter, when the sun does burst through it is warm enough to sit outside for a coffee. Now that the Easter chocolate is finished I am back on my regime. 

What are you going to start? 


Monday, 1 April 2013

Motivate Monday - A piece of chocolate heaven

It's Easter.... how can you resist the French chocolatiers bursting with gorgeous chocolate creations?  Windows full of decorated eggs in every shape and size.  Customers were queing out the door to bag treats for the Easter weekend.

We had a lovely Sunday lunch with friends yesterday and we each had a pretty little Easter dark chocolate animal by our plates.  Mine was a little hen with a scarf on, there was a dog wearing slippers, a bee, a bear and a stunning centrepiece of hares jumping out of a flower pot.  They looked too good to eat...but not for long!!

And I was presented with another chocolate surprise... an egg with my name on it.  The regime is on hold until tomorrow!!

Dark chocolate and praline is one of my favourite chocolates.  The darker the chocolate the better...and aren't there health benefits with dark chocolate?  It's always been a pick me up when times get tough.  Chocolate helps mend a broken heart and a box of chocolates says "I love you."

Chocolate contains chemical components that have a smiliar affect on the brain to marijuana. Perhaps, that's why I can't stop at just one square...I have to eat more and more. It can give you an energy lift and an instant boost because it contains caffeine. Some say it is serotonin-boosting carbs, and others say its simply the pleasure of satisfying your craving that cheers you up.

Go on have a piece! It's Easter.