Thursday, 3 January 2013

Taking Care of Busyness

Do you listen to the radio while you work, read the newspapers, tweet, and Facebook..probably all at the same time? Many a time I've wondered why a report or an article has taken me so long to write..and realised that I am distracted by the background chatter of the radio and the urge to check Facebook for messages. more busyness for me.  There's just too much clutter and noise all around, especially from the media. 

So here's my plan for de-cluttering my head.

Avoid reading or watching the news and instantly feel happier and more positive without being bombarded by all the doom and gloom. 

Read local news and listen to local radio - learn about what directly affects my own neighbourhood.

Check-in to social media at certain times only and stick to it!

Unsubscribe from email newsletters and blogs that just don't resonate anymore.

Not being scared to say no before volunteering for anything and everything.

Stop watching depressing soaps or reality TV ...we have our OWN lives to live and don't need to live vicariously.

Have you any suggestions to add?  I'd love to hear them!


  1. Do not check text messages and remind your friends of your working hours... and request they respect them!

    (I'm visiting from the Facebook Ultimate Blog Challenge group!)

  2. I'm the type to eat, read, talk and walk at the same time :D

    I never watched soaps (don't like drama), and I dropped the news a long time ago. What I do need to do, is keep my social media time to a couple of short checks a day, and not when I'm doing other things.

  3. I recommend timely intervals of pushing away from the work and going outside. Take a quick walk or just have a nice long look around while breathing in fresh air. It can do wonders for the over stimulation of our media options.

  4. I like to listen to music. I paint so it's all about inducing moods and achieving an atmosphere. Sounds idyllic but it's a challenge.I have to share space with a TV and the play station during half term.It's very easy to be distracted as I love the countryside and the garden. I get around this a bit by being a painter of landscape. Breaks are important but It's whether these breaks are put to good use. Facebook is also a good way for artists to show what you do so not all bad.