Friday, 11 January 2013

J'Adore ... La Petite Moisson

It's Friday and nearly the weekend, so lets kick back a little with some music.  I have an eclectic taste in music, it really depends on my mood and what I am doing.  Today I started with David Bowie's new release, then some vintage Bowie, followed by Marianne Faithful, Polly Harvey and a dash of Kings of Leon.

But....I wanted to share La P'tite Moisson with you, a great local band from Le Morvan, where I live in France.  The band plays a mix of traditional Morvan folk music, Bluegrass and Folk.  The accordian is an important part of the local sound especially for dancing to lively country dances like la bourree.
La P'tite Moisson play at banquets, village fetes, festivals, bars, clubs..anywhere and everywhere!  They are an essential part of the summer for me.

See La P'tite Moisson play "Waltz of Champ Gaillard" on the You Tube link below. It is filmed in Le Morvan and you get a glimpse of the Morvan countryside..  the petit chemins (little roads and paths)... the mysterious hills.... etangs (lakes) and forests full of wildlife.

Does music affect your mood?  Did you listen to La P'tite Moisson? Did it conjour up a French summer for you?



  1. Loved P'tite Morvan, thanks I shall look out for them. I too love all kinds of music.I went to an arts college in Devon there was so much music live all sorts, I've craved it ever since.I miss live music here so it's good to hear it happens! Have a lovely weekend.

    1. There's the Cornemuse at Arleuf. And I went to a great concert in Autun last October, an American Jazz singer called Mandy Gaines. In the summer there's lots of festivals around playing all sorts of music.

  2. Music certainly does change everything. Listening to your selection I felt like I was on a unique vacation in Europe. Nice.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog layout, especially your steampunk dancer. Is this your original artwork, or do you know where the images came from?

    The idea of French bluegrass pretty well twists my brain. I listened for a bit, might try that as writing music.

  4. Music very much helps determine my mood. I have never read a blog from France. I'll have to check back. I am going now to listen. I've never known much about other cultures but it is never to late they say. Great post!

  5. Music always affects my mood - my iPod playlist keeps changing depending on what crazy adventures are happening in my life

  6. I LOVE music, always have! When I'm feeling a bit down or bored, music lifts me up to great heights!