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Kissing in France?  La Bise en's a minefield....when to kiss, who to kiss, where to many kisses? 

It's just not polite to greet friends or aquaintances with a casual "hiya" or "alright." 

Kisses, Bisous are expected.

Kiss at least once on each cheek when you meet colleagues, friends or neighbours for the first time in a day.  You don't need to kiss your neighbours every time you see them during the day, unless you really want too! 

Men shake hands with their male friends but often kiss them too.

I have had to wait for a shop to open up because the manager and all his colleagues were kissing or shaking hands outside with each other. I think it shows manners and courtesy, a lovely old tradition. .  When a shift on the supermarket till comes to an end, the cashiers kiss hello and goodbye.  Watch the locals when they arrive in their local bar, they probably will kiss everyone hello.

When you visit a French family don't forget to kiss the children. You will find young children lining up, waiting pateintly for you to kiss them.  Even teenagers will come forward ready to kiss hello.

Kissing aquaintances should not involve hugging or grabbing.  Lean in to kiss right cheek first and keep your arms by your sides.

If it's someone like your Bank Manager, don't kiss...simply offer a handshake.

Each region and even each town seems to have a different rule on the number of kisses.  The number of kisses can range from a straightforward 2, a confusing 3 which can leave you hanging, or even a massive 4! 

Watch this funny clip - it might help you to pucker up! .


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