Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Barging on the Nivernais Canal

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Last night we stayed on board the wonderful Hotel Barge Luciole and shared the wonderful team spirit of the crew, delicious food and fabulous French wines. The Luciole is moored up for the winter at Auxerre, in the shadow of the Cathedral and Abbey.  The lights from the opposite bank sparkled on the water lapping against our porthole.  The experience gave us a taste of what a holiday onboard this historic and rare barge would be like.

Barge Luciole cruises between Auxerre, one of the most beautiful waterfronts in France and the medieval town of Clamecy passing through unspoilt French countryside. La Luciole began her life in 1926 and was converted in 1966 into the first "hotel barge."  Over the years, the roof has been raised, the interior rebuilt and the hull extended to provide luxury accommodation for 14 passengers.  Improvements have continued to be made whilst keeping the personality and atmosphere of this special vessel.

The video link  shows inside La Luciole and some of the stunning Burgundy scenery, medieval villages, markets, chateaux and vineyards.

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The Canal du Nivernais is recognised as one of the most varied and beautiful in France.  It was constructed in 1783 as a means of floating timber, flottage, from the forests of the Morvan to Paris.

Barging the Nivernais Cannal

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  1. wow! That just looks and sounds superb! I bet they get booked up quickly!