Monday, 2 January 2012

Une Famille Formidable

Le Morvan in the snow 

Two weeks before Christmas, we set off for the UK to visit family and friends.  We managed to cover London, Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire, Somerset, Norfolk and North Wales - it was a whirlwind tour!  Then on the last day we waited for Jack (BB) to complete the cross country Holly Run, in Reigate, Surrey before setting off for the tunnel.  The car was loaded up with suitcases, presents, crackers and even the turkey!

After a delay at the Tunnel we finally arrived in France to blizzards.  By the time we had reached Le Morvan at about 3am, there was treacherous, icy snow covering the country roads.  Mr B proved to be an Ice Road Trucker keeping the car from sliding off the road into a ditch or worse.  He had to negotiate steep roads with a sheer drop at the side.  I was praying hard and was sure that  the car was going over.  It made me realise that presents and all the Christmas trappings weren't important - as long as Charlotte (GG) and Jack were safe and sound. 

We finally arrived in one piece, very relieved to be back home.

We made the most of being all together again.  Lots of walks, games, reading, chats, a little bit of TV, a winter picnic with other crazy friends, - lots of precious moments and memories and on Christmas Day, a champagne breakfast, GG in pyjamas all day, a massive Christmas Dinner and then more celebrations with friends the next day.

New Year was shared with good French and English friends chez nous.  We celebrated French New Year and then English New Year, with lots of fizz, party poppers covered the floor and hung from the deorations. The party was full of fun and games, everyone entered into the spirit of the theme "A Day at the Races". Wonderful hats, "gambling" on a horse racing DVD and BB even wore an inflatable horse costume!!

So now the party is over, BB and GG are heading back to London the day after tomorrow.  The fridge is nearly empty, the Christmas tree is shedding it's pine needles and the decorations are looking a little sad. 

It's time for 2012 to begin and for us to remember as our friend Marie-Helene said "Vous etes une famille formidable!"


  1. Love it! Agree with Marie-Helene....

  2. Glad you had an awesome celebration!!! Looking forward to catching up soon!!!