Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Size Does Matter

There are some very impressive wood piles being flaunted around here. 
Gigantic wood piles are not really for showing off, or a sign of wealth or even a macho thing....although I do wonder!! It’s  supposed to be because seasoned timber is the best for burning. The longer the wood pile is aged the better. Woods such as oak, chestnut, hornbeam or beechwood produce the most heat but must be thoroughly dried.  

Living in Le Morvan, which is essentially forest, means that wood is the fuel of choice for everyone.  Although you can’t just go out into the woods and start cutting down trees.  Much of the forest is privately owned or owned by local communes.

Word of mouth is the best way to find cheap wood.  Neighbours will know the best place to find top quality wood at a good price or you might be asked to go and help cut up a fallen tree and get a supply that way.  Last year was our first winter here and Pascal our local farmer delivered the logs on a trailer and Mr B and BB lugged them into the barn and then began cutting them up into managable sizes for our burner. It is very hard work and you will need an axe and a log splitter but it brings the cost down if you are able to cut and chop your own logs to size.
This year we got a really good deal through a neighbour which involved MR B and BB helping to collect the logs.  It was great seeing all the wood arrive by tractor with Mr B and BB hanging on for grim life to the trailer.  No health and safety here!

We have a large wood burner for the kitchen/living and it gives off an amazing amount of heat and it’s been a fantastic investment.  This winter has been exceptionally mild so far, although the neighbours have been joking about snow in March, I hope they are joking!

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  1. You can judge a lot about a man from his wood pile.