Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sex Before Dinner?

On Saturday night we were invited for a meal with a group of our French friends and neighbours. We have all known each other for a few years now and it was the first chance since before Christmas that we had been free to meet up.

Well, we had hardly got our coats off before the conversation turned to sex. Les hommes were the ring leaders with comments about the prowess of certain parts of their anatomy. Then I got roped in to explain the English names for a ZiZi while drinking champagne and toasting the New Year.

There's another question that the French love to ask, and it is one that is not usually asked in polite company in England and that is.... "Quelle age avez vous?" Everyone knows my age now!

As we sat down for a delicious Pot au Feu and piles of homegrown vegetables, the conversation turned to politics. A second subject that is usually taboo along with religion at English dinner parties. "And why don't you have the Euro?" Mr B replied "Parce que nous sommes tres intelligent." Oh....lucky we are friends and everyone had a good laugh.

The same group of friends have invited us to a Rifles or Bingo evening. I looked doubtful as I am terrible at remembering French numbers, not Mr B....- "pas problem every Englishman knows at least one number in French....soixante neuf!"

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  1. Your Title is sure to draw people in droves. I do enjoy your enjoying your friends. I'm just glad that it isn't an America who is the Badie this time.

    Until Next Time,
    Dr. Hale