Thursday, 12 January 2012

Oh! The Places You Will Go

Living in Le Morvan makes my soul sing and from time to time I hope to share other things, books, films, places or events that make me feel that way too.

Oh! The Places You Will Go is the amazing last  book written by Dr Seuss before he died.  It tells of life's ups and downs, times when you get "hung up in a prickly perch", times when you will be left in the lurch and times when you will be all alone and have to tackle things that will scare you right out of your pants! 

This amazing film version is interpreted by people at the Burning Man Festival.  I found it very moving and wanted to share it.

I have given Oh! The Places You will Go book to a couple of special people in my family when they have reached 18.  I think it's a joyful, life affirming story with a message for all ages.

Oh! The Places You will Go explains that although life is a great balancing act it is there for you to grab hold off and enjoy - TODAY IS YOUR DAY!

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  1. Hi, I live in the Morvan, my blog is about my life here too.
    Hope you are keeping warm, I live in Morvan Sud near Bibracte.
    Anyway I look forward to reading your blog.