Monday, 8 April 2013

Rise and Shine

 Winter Sunshine by Celine Monorchio

It's still very cold and we need a fire every day, our wood supply is getting low so we really are hoping that Spring is on it's way.  The signs are there....the baby lambs are hopping and skipping about, our walnut trees actually have buds on them, I've spotted violets in the woods and the daffodils are going to blossom soon. 

By starting so slowly, the Spring season is teasing us this year.....I can't wait....I love Spring... its a season of celebration associated with new beginnings, growth, and rejuvenation.  It's the perfect time to start new projects, new habits, make new choices....maybe even more appropriate than grey and gloomy New Year. 

"Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin.  Beginning makes the conditions perfect."
Alan Cohen.

There will never be a perfect time ...if you wait for perfection it will never happen. The key is just to get started.  Successful writers say just put something...anything down on a can edit later.  A bit like life really!!

Just celebrate what you have and make a fresh start today. 

I can't wait to get started...I begin working with an exciting new client this month, the days are lighter, when the sun does burst through it is warm enough to sit outside for a coffee. Now that the Easter chocolate is finished I am back on my regime. 

What are you going to start? 


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