Monday, 22 April 2013

Motivate Your Monday

Distance yourself from toxic and negative people.  Toxic people drain you, they feed off drama and plant doubt.  Surround yourself with good supportive friends and I have found out recently.
This month has been a challenge for me with lots of problems, car not working, things breaking, tempamental electricity , cooker not working, washing machine literally going up in smoke and last but not least...a light bulb exploding above my head.  I suppose typical life in an old French farmhouse...

While I was feeling sorry for myself, as it seemed it was one thing after was my friends who kept me going, offering practical support, dropping everything and coming to rescue me from the forest where I had broken down, trying to fix the cooker ....and loads of other things...just being there at the end of a phone giving good advice! 

And...all these problems are only material....and can be fixed.

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