Monday, 1 April 2013

Motivate Monday - A piece of chocolate heaven

It's Easter.... how can you resist the French chocolatiers bursting with gorgeous chocolate creations?  Windows full of decorated eggs in every shape and size.  Customers were queing out the door to bag treats for the Easter weekend.

We had a lovely Sunday lunch with friends yesterday and we each had a pretty little Easter dark chocolate animal by our plates.  Mine was a little hen with a scarf on, there was a dog wearing slippers, a bee, a bear and a stunning centrepiece of hares jumping out of a flower pot.  They looked too good to eat...but not for long!!

And I was presented with another chocolate surprise... an egg with my name on it.  The regime is on hold until tomorrow!!

Dark chocolate and praline is one of my favourite chocolates.  The darker the chocolate the better...and aren't there health benefits with dark chocolate?  It's always been a pick me up when times get tough.  Chocolate helps mend a broken heart and a box of chocolates says "I love you."

Chocolate contains chemical components that have a smiliar affect on the brain to marijuana. Perhaps, that's why I can't stop at just one square...I have to eat more and more. It can give you an energy lift and an instant boost because it contains caffeine. Some say it is serotonin-boosting carbs, and others say its simply the pleasure of satisfying your craving that cheers you up.

Go on have a piece! It's Easter.

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