Sunday, 22 April 2012

Swishing in Le Morvan

I found out about Swishing on the internet.  The idea is simple and has really taken off in the UK.  You invite friends to bring old, unwanted clothes, in good condition to swop.  As I had spring cleaned my wardrobe it seemed the perfect excuse for a party, an ethical way to recycle  old clothes and find some new ones - saving money at the same time.
I explained the Swishing concept to my French neighbours who were initially incredulous that a) there was no charge and b) strictly no men were invited.  But they all entered into the spirit and arrived with bag loads of clothes.  It was an international event with French, Dutch, Australian, Welsh and English women joining in the fun.  Everyone went home happy with clothes, handbags and  even a pair of brand new wedge shoes. 

But best of all was Isobelle’s outfit that she had worn to get married in, a chic, cream skirt and matching mandarin collared jacket with satin trim.  Another friend fell in love with it as soon as she spotted it on the rail.  After a few excited explanations and tears of joy, the swish was made.
Swishing was a great success and the friends who missed out want another party..looks like we will be swishing again soon!

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  1. That sounds like a great idea although I think that it wouldn't work so well with a group of men!

    I'm all for clutter clearing and recycling old and hardly worn clothes. It usually has to go to the charity shop (or sometimes to my dad). Second hand clothes stores only deal in women's and kids clothes :-(