Friday, 27 April 2012

Le Morvan Has Got Talent

An exciting initiative has launched in Le Morvan,   a knowledge exchange network,  cooperative des savoirs created by L’universite rurale du pays Nivernais Morvan.  It is open to everyone, individuals as well as groups or associations, living in Le Morvan to enjoy the sharing of knowledge, experiences and skills.
The idea has come from the Reseau d'Exchanges Reciproques des Savoirs (RERS), the first was launched in the Paris region in 1970 and now there are 400 across France.
I give English conversation classes in exchange for French conversation classes.  One of my “pupils” offers sailing classes on Lac des Settons….. and that is how the network works.
We are lucky to have so many talented artists and artisans in Le Morvan.  So there are lots of interesting skills to choose from including bee keeping, dancing, embroidery, photography, mosaic making, music lessons, sports,  French, Moroccan, Italian cooking and of course, we couldn’t live in Burgundy without wine  tasting being on offer.

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