Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Shopping For Sperm

My neighbour  Odille knocked at my door and asked me to help her buy a horse  she had seen on an English website ….or so I thought.    It turned out it wasn’t a horse she wanted buy but the sperm to artificially inseminate one her ponies.    And the Stud Farm wasn’t in England it was in New Zealand. Well…. my knowledge of the French language was definitely stretched and knowing nothing about breeding horses I found  myself asking  questions such as “Was the sperm fresh or frozen?...”What was the quality, how much did you get and how quickly could it be delivered?”

It was  hilarious  and definitely one of my more bizarre experiences.


  1. Yes, that does sound like a challenge, well done for trying. I proudly showed a French knitting friend my knitted sock. She wants the pattern, in French!!
    On the spring front we had a first Cuckoo in the valley yesterday, a red squirrel running up a cherry tree. A cross magpie realising a squirrel coming a bit close to the nest he has carefully been constructing daily. The swallows, well 1 first and now at least 2 arrived a couple of weeks ago!

  2. Do you need an extra large turkey baster with that madame!

  3. Hilarious! There are many specialized French vocabularies to learn---the Dr., hardware store, etc. But this is a new on me!