Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Working from Home making time count

I am not very good at "blowing my own trumpet" but I just have to share with you my very first guest post.  Judy Heminsley, the author of the wonderful book, Work from Home Wisdom and website offers information, support and advice for home workers and home business owners.  Judy invited me to write about my life working as a freelance PR and marketing consultant from home here in France. 
I met Judy a couple of years back at a writers conference.  I loved her take on the challenges that writers face and I took onboard alot of her advice.
Fast forward to this year and I decided to ask my friend Ange, who also works from home to be my accountability partner or buddy.  Ange lives in a converted barn next to a chateau - and makes beautiful handbags using vintage French the dream!!  But us creatives can find it difficult to combine our passions with the demands of runnng a business, dealing with cash flow, tax issues and all the general day to day stuff. 
Click on the link to find out how we have both benefited and become more productive.  I also reveal the special qualities needed for the perfect accountability partner. 
Would having an accountability partner would for you?

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  1. Um, yes, I think it would. But how does one go about obtaining such a thing?