Monday, 18 March 2013

Motivate Monday

"The simple things are also the most extaordinary things and only the wise can see them." Paulo Coelho

Taking time in our lives full of busyness to slow down for a second and appreciate our surroundings isn't easy....but it can be so rewarding and give you the boost you need.  On my daily dog walks I make an effort to be mindful and breathe in the clean air, enjoy the scenery, the wind blowing through the trees and even enjoy the rain!  Last week in between the snow showers, I noticed clusters of snowdrops and the first of the spring baby lambs. 

Ok I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Morvan parc in Burgundy but even if you are in a big city, don't walk around oblivous to what's going probably wouldn't be a very smart move and you could miss out on something wonderful...something that will make you smile.  A wild flower growing on the kerb...a glimpse of blue sky...a cute baby...who knows?

One of the things I have learnt living a simpler life in France is to savour my food, we don't have takeaways here... so ...there's no chance of scoffing fast food on the move. I have found that I really enjoy making food from scratch, it's much easier than I thought and home made soup is easy to whizz up.  I make a point of taking a proper lunch break and unlike many office workers, I don't eat at my desk.  I move away from my laptop and try and relax and digest my lunch.  Coming back to work refreshed and ready to go.

Simplifying your life should also mean that you are selective about your possesions. Appreciate the possessions that you have.  Decluttering your home very can actually enjoy using your possessions instead of filling up the attic or garage instead.

And in your work world take a moment to split tasks and goals into chunks and tackle one by one.  Simplify messages...KISS...Keep It Simple every time!

Tonight I am going to enjoy a soak in the bubble bath, a chat on skype with my kids and a good book...simple pleasures but they feed my soul and make me happy.

What seemingly simple things do you enjoy?


  1. What a fantastic post. It is something that I needed to hear! It is a very busy life I am leading right now and simplifying is in order! thank you!

  2. Simplifying can be so hard, but yes, so fulfilling. I am trying desperately to do just that. I enjoy the results when I make a big achievement, like an empty basement, or no big storage of clothes - yet some things, like books. are harder to let go of for me. I work on it daily. F

  3. Hi Elizabeth I so agree with you about books! I went to a book swap last week and came back with even more than I went with.

  4. Hi Cheryl, glad you enjoyed the post. It's good to be busy but remember to breathe!!!

  5. Great, great post! And yes, simplifying is so important. I am one of the lucky ones who love everything about my life. I love waking up next to the love of my life. I love promoting my company where I help people to greater health. I love cooking, and even shopping for foods to cook. I love working out and I love my daily meditation. Even though the snow is filling the air today, last week I was able to sit and meditate in the sun on my balcony. That sunshine is still alive in me. I believe key is to see the beauty in the most mondaine and ordinary things. And like you write - be aware of what is around you! Thank you for this post! Will tweet it!

  6. I think it is your positive attitude and enthusiasm that makes you love so much about your life. It isn't just luck!! I love that the sunshine is still alive in you even when there is snow. Thanks for retweeting. x