Monday, 18 February 2013

Motivate Monday - Don't Wait to Start

If you want to write, or start a project of any kind, you can't afford to wait for the right moment.... or until you are in the mood or .... until inspiration strikes.  You could be waiting for an awful long time!

Don't kid yourself that you are preparing to get started.  Planning to write isn't writing, Researching isn't writing, Daydreaming isn't writing. 
Writing is writing.

You haven't got the time? Don't look for big blocks of time ..start with just 5 minutes and chip away at your project.  

As Julia Cameron, the author of  The Artist's Way says, just show up.  Some days that's enough...and getting to the top of that page is tough enough.

Julia Cameron recommends setting your alarm clock half an hour early, getting up and writing three pages of longhand - the Morning Pages - every morning, very first thing, write freehand whatever pops into your head.   After a while of doing the Morning Pages you might be surprised about what you are writing...things don't seem to have any meaning, or do they?  Don't worry. Just by writing the pages, they are working for you.

Some useful advice I once received was just do it... start ....even if you have to trick yourself by saying I will just do 5 minutes.  Get something down. Anything, it could be goobledegook.  It doesn't matter. Another trick that works for me, is to answer some correspondence, anything, a letter to a friend, paying a bill....anything.  It makes me sit at my desk and get started.  I have shown up!  Once you are in the flow, that 5 minutes might well turn into 15 minutes.

Once you are in the flow, don't worry about correcting or rewriting, that can come later.

To become a writer, maybe a professional need to train yourself to write regularly, whether you think you are "in the mood" or not.  Show up for at least 15 minutes every day and try. 

In the words of American novelist Peter de Vries, "I write when I am inspired and I see to it that I'm inspired at nine 'clock each morning."

What works for you?  I'd love to know.



  1. I have a book I need to create, this is what I need to do :) Just get started. Thank you!

  2. Good luck Janice. Keep in touch I'd love to hear how you progress.

  3. Great advice. I just said this to one of my clients. Getting started is the biggest hurdle.

  4. I completed nanowrimo this Nov just by constantly writing something. I write in the morning. It helps that I have to take a pill an hour before I eat - I have an hour then to hang around and so I write.

    Loved your blog!!

  5. Hi Carol, Congratulations on completing the nanowrimo - I would like to try giving that a try especially after completing the Ultimate Blog Challenge. What are you going to do with the writing you produced?