Friday, 8 February 2013

J'adore ...winter sunshine

Toulon sur Arroux by Celine Monorchio

There is nothing better than a brisk walk on a cold wnter's day - even better if the sun is shining.  Make the effort and get outside and grab some rays.
It will make you feel happier, invigorated and boost your immune system.  

How can you bring the winter sunshine to you?  Caisser la grisaille, break the gloom  and surround yourself with warm citrus colours.  
via Pinterest

Wear some sunshine....boost your winter wardrobe with a pop of citrus. 
This mini skirt looks cute worn with thick black tights. 
And add some colour indoors with bright cushions, rugs and throws.
Bright bold colours to make you smile.


And on a cold day rester a la maison, stay at home and indulge...our family favourite.....lemon drizzle cake...also works well with orange....and you are getting Vitamin C too hee! hee!

Et voila! Petits plaisirs de la vie....and there you are...little pleasures of life.



  1. Love this post. Don't see much snow in Louisiana, but I love to indulge in baking. I love your site.

  2. Hi Leslie

    Thank you for dropping by! And it's been snowing again all day today...a friend with a 4 x 4 had to bring emergency supplies including red wine, just in case we run out!