Monday, 13 August 2012

In Your Dreams

Flavigny sur Ozerain 

Imagine making a major life change - either moving out of the city or to a new country - think long and hard about what really matters to you. Try to identify what makes you happy.  Be clear what the real "musts" are for you.  Spending more time with your kids?  Working less?  Remember it won't be a holiday, it will be real life.

If you hate DIY don't take on a huge renovation project and if the only veg growing you have tried is a grow bag on the balcony think twice before taking on too much land.

You will still be the same person with the same skills and in the same relationships wherever you live. 

Focus on your passions and talents.  A major move won't in itself make you more successful or happier, if you have issues, confront them before you go. 

Letting go of old expectations can give you the freedom to follow a different dream.

What are your essential musts?

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