Monday, 16 July 2012

A film festival with plenty of drama

The French love film - and Partie (s) de Campagne film festival shows 100 films over 3 days proves it!  It takes place in Ouroux en Morvan, a small town that prides itself on its' art and history deep in rural Le Morvan.

GG and I set off in lashing rain on Friday evening - finally trudging across mud ...."just like Glastonbury" said GG... we were ushered into a sopping wet red velvet tent by two moustached men dressed in 19th centry Showman's outfits.  We watched two Czech films...very arty if you know what I mean.

Then we went into a huge music tent to listen to some great music and then we danced to French style reggae!  The atmosphere was friendly, fun and relaxed.  But by half past midnight, the time came when, despite the storm, we reluctantly thought we should start the drive home.  We headed away from the town, following steep, winding country roads, only to find a massive tree had fallen across the road barring our way.  For a split second I thought ooooh what do we do,  out in the middle of nowhere....but luckily I remembered an alternative way down the hill...and after a slight detour we arrived back safely and glad that we had been part of the Partie.

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  1. Gosh, I missed this, I must look out for it next year. Not sure we would have made it out in the storm. I am not even sure where Ouroux en Morvan is I have heard of it though. How is the skill swap going? It sounds good.