Friday, 30 March 2012

Win A Magical Makeover

copyright Carla Coulson
After living a stressful London life and the kids had grown up and left home, the time was right for me to follow my dream of being a freelance writer and PR. Mr B and I re-located from the suburbs of London to the depths of the French countryside and I swopped suits and heels for jeans and wellies.

I have spent the winter wrapped up in layers of thermals and now with the arrival of spring, I feel like a chrysalis emerging blinking into the sunlight....but what to wear??

Now one of my favourite bloggers and inspirational photographer Carla Coulson is offering a makeover and photo shoot in Paris, the city of lights. The glamour, the romance....ooh how I would love to win the opportunity to feel bien dans sa peau "good in my skin" for once. And... the prize is even more exciting because you get to share the experience with a friend, sister, daughter.

To enter like Carla on Facebook or click on the link below

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