Friday, 16 March 2012

Family Ties

February half term was spent in Cornwall, south west England.  We organized a family reunion, there was 15 of us aged from 4 years up to 70 something.  We rented two cottages on a farm with goats, chickens and ducks.  The farm was in a wooded valley with a tiny train station up the lane.   Our family travelled, from South London, Sussex, Wales, Yorkshire, Somerset and France for the get together.

The farm had lots to keep everyone amused and with the seaside just 10 minutes away and the lure of Cornish icecreams and delicious pasties – everyone was happy.

It was a lot of work and a bit of an effort to get there but it was definitely worth it. We all had a great time, it was lovely to be together even if for a short time.  Although phone calls, emails and SKYPE are good for keeping in touch nothing beats a hug or three!!

So if you are thinking of getting together with relatives or friends, and the weeks and the months are rushing by……put a date in the diary and just DO IT!!

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