Monday, 29 October 2012

Home Truths

How cold and miserable was your commute this morning? As I settled down at my desk in front of a roaring fire, I thought not for the first time, about the joys of working from home. Not having to brave the wind and the rain scores high on my list. Finding the right creative space for your desk, atelier or office needn't be too difficult. It needs to have light, be bright and somewhere you can work without distractions and, in comfort and warmth.
The perfect bijou office and you can hide it away when you are not working!
Highlight traditional features, like this French ceiling to create your special space. What works for you? Your own space or a corner of the kitchen table?


  1. Hurray for a blog about home offices that doesn't say you must have a dedicated space! So many articles insist on it, but I meet lots of home workers who hate being cloistered away on their own, and can't work in that environment. Lovely pics too :-)

    1. Thanks Judy. I'm finding that I am kind of "hot desking" depending on what I am working on and how the mood grabs me. I might choose to sit at my desk upstairs, a writing table desk downstairs or work from a corner of the kitchen table!