Friday, 28 September 2012

Changes are for the Picking

Chateau Bourne vine

At the beginning of September I was gripped by that "Back to School" feeling.  I wanted a fresh start and new challenges .....and I wanted new notebooks, new pens....

It was hard to let go of summer and but I was ready to start thinking about some new projects... work and pleasure too.  So I have been looking at new business ideas and possible new clients.  Plus I am going to start being more "crafty" and surprised myself by making a flock of bird shaped lavender bags.  My sewing isn't great and some of the birds look a bit odd, but I enjoyed making them!

And I am trying to lose some weight which is tough in a land full of fabulous cheeses and wine.

Leaves are changing colour, the sunlight is more golden and the temperature has dropped dramatically and despite the sun there is a chill in the air.  We have harvested the grapes from our vine, delicious but nowhere near enough for wine - so I found a recipe for grape jelly and gave it a try. It's a very sweet jam and tastes like cherries.

There's definitely a buzz all around and a change of energy in the air!
It is a time of change and a time of new beginnings too....

What new skills can you discover? And what changes are you going to make? You might just surprise yourself!

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  1. Thanks Jane...I am beginning to think that this season is better for setting goals than January. There's always so much pressure with New Year's resolutions! Verjus sounds interesting, maybe for next year's crop.